YANADI Project

YANADI – A Right based approach for inclusive development

This project is aimed to protect the human rights of the Yanadi tribe, regarding their current vulnerable condition. Landless and homeless, they are constantly abused by upper castes/classes and non-tribals, including bonded labour and sexual harassement, and less than 10% of them are literate.

Yanadi children usually follow their parents begging, and rag picking. They suffer from different kinds of skin diseases, stomach and liver illnesses and severe malnutrition complications. NewBeginnings is already providing monthly medical care for the community and runs two ‘Joyful Learning Centres (JLC)’ where kids are taught literacy, child rights, hygienic habits and dance.

Yanadis are one of the major scheduled tribes of Andhra Pradesh. Thurston (1909) noted that the people were natives of Sriharikota island and suggested that they derived their name from the Sanskrit word “anadi” denoting those whose origin is unknown. Now they are predominantly spread over the districts of Nellore, Chittoor and Prakasham and are concentrated in the Nellore district.  Yanadis live in symbiosis with non-tribals.


Their population according to 1991 census reports is 3,95,739 in Andhra Pradesh. The total literacy rate among Yanadi is 14.78.  Their mother tongue is Telugu.

In order to empower the Yanadis, the project works in two fronts—


Educational Support to 127 Yanadi children: – school stationeries, and tuition fee

Provide regular food for 173 children below 8 years who suffer malnutrition

Support for teachers at Joyful Learning Centres (JLC): The illiterate children as well as the school dropped out children are given crash courses/remedial classes at this centre. Here children are taught, regular education, sports, child rights, personal hygiene, and dance & drawing skills.

We need your support to pay the salary to the teachers at the two JLCs.

$1 by one person will help us reach the target for our teachers.

Your support is needed to conduct regular medical camp reaching out to the children, women with special care and the community as such. The community suffer skin related diseases, since they do all kinds of odd jobs on the streets.

Please do visit our special blog on this project at https://1likeforachange.blogspot.com