To defeat poverty, achieve social justice and enhance the quality of life for the poor and the vulnerable


Our Mission

With the Forgotten, Vulnerable, and Abused”

Educate and Empower the vulnerable communities in the fight to end poverty and social injustice and Impacting the lives of children, youth and women and build the healthy environments they need to thrive and empower themselves to create lasting change in their own lives and communities.

We’re dedicated to creating positive changes in the lives of women, children of the marginalized – all who envision a happier, right based, and deeply satisfying life.


Children, Adolescents and Women from the marginalised vulnerable Indigenous and Dalits communities always remain our primary target groups.

Who We Are

NCT is a non-profit, non-governmental organization working at the grassroots level to create an increasingly developed, Right Based equal and self-sustaining communities.

We aspire to eradicate poverty and hunger principally in rural areas, which account for 68% of the total population of India. Poverty is the source of many social evils such as child labor, human trafficking, illiteracy, human rights violations and famine.

NCT concentrates on the socio-economic Empowerment of women as a proven way to promote gender equality and to eradicate poverty.

NCT is based in Vijayawada, India. We are currently a team of ten staff members and around 50 local and international volunteers who join us throughout the year.

Our Approach (Pay It Forward)

Beneficiaries participation – Involvement in the process of identifying needs, exploring solutions, making decisions and planning activities. Every beneficiary community has the right to know the kind of impact with which they would be impacted with.

We are focused not on short-term fixes but on creating long-term sustainable solutions which will benefit the community in the future. This concept of the ‘Sustainable Chain Impact’ (SCI) (Pay It Forward) whereby the beneficiary of a project becoming a benefactor to her/his own neighbour is at the heart of our work.

Partnership Approach

Towards Sustainable change for good. NewBeginnings partners with 11 ngos from South India as partners in social change. Other than ngos, NCT also collaborates with schools, colleges and universities for students’ exchange activities and learning exercises.

Since 2014, NCT has been partnering with different European NGOs in different projects on Erasmus+ KA2. Added to this, NCT also partners with different volunteer sending organisations.

Our Core Values

This set of values describes Who we are, What we do, and How we operate. Reflecting our values of Integrity, Transparency, Diversity, Equality and Excellence, it serves as the foundation of all that we do. Click here to access Our Core Values.