Vocational Skills Training

handbands makingVocational Skills Training to unskilled and unemployed youth from rural and indigenous communities is one of the priority actions for  NCT. It is to achieve producing marketable and employable skills among youth.

Vocational Skills Training plays important role in the economic empowerment of rural communities. India’s population is having the largest youth population in the world. 

NCT believes in the importance of investing in youth to create lasting positive change and Vocational Skills Training is one of the best way to community economic empowerment and rural sustainability. By targeting those often overlooked—the unskilled and illiterate—and endowing them with the necessary tools to become employable.

NCT provides training to the rural youth in in employable trades—such as automobile mechanism, electrical, tailoring, embroidery, mobile phone servicing, organic farming, and animal husbandry—keeps youth off the streets and equips them with skills conducive to economic opportunity.

Vocational Skill training to rural unemployed and unskilled youth helps in our objective to build rural economy. Earning young people build economically strong families, which improve economic growth and security in both the local community and the nation.

NCT Provides skills training to women and adolescent girls especially from those communities prone to chronic drought or communities where human trafficking for sex trade, child marriages are often at high rate. In order to eradicate chronic poverty and ensure regular family income, NCT primarily works with the vulnerable, prone to abuse, and the neglect.

Vocational Skills training are provided in tailoring (dress making) hand embroidery, coil-winding, driving, electricians, auto mechanism, carpentry, hospitality, smartphone repairs and horticulture.

More than 670 beneficiaries who were working earlier in stone quarries were trained in employable skill training as part of rehabilitation.

In total, NCT has trained 3712 women, adolescent girls and boys in various vocational skills training till date.