Stop Modern Slavery

Modern Slavery – A Human Right Based Approach to Eradicate and Rehabilitate

  • — Educate and Sensitize target groups on Human Rights
  • — Empower the target group to stand against human rights violations against them
  • — Economic Empowerment to eradicate poverty and hunger

Slavery is not new to India. Our community suffered caste-based slavery, agriculture bonded labours, religious slavery in the form of Devadasis and so on. Most of the time, Dalits are the only community in this country are under the control of the upper castes. Even gods seem to be interested to making girls from the Dalit community become Devadasis; interestingly, gods won’t permit the entry of Dalits into their temples. A HARD REALITY, the DALIT Community has been suffering for generations together in this country.

It is also true that India has taken lot of steps to address this vulnerability on a broad-scale, however the lack of seriousness and honesty in implementing the steps taken especially the absence of strong political will, continuation of coordination among the government agencies resulted in much of modern day slavery such as child prostitutions, child trafficking/ human trafficking for sexual violence, forced labour, forced marriage, child marriage.

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Vulnerability is the key factor that forces the poor to get into the debt trap. The families work under the same landlond or lone giver for generations. The people are paid just to keep them alive. Under the burden of debts, some commit suicide. Life remains dark and ugly.

Modern slavery blooms very much in India. On the road side brothels, agriculture farms, brick kilns, stone quarries, private homes etc. We mainly concentrate on human trafficking, stone quarries, brick kilns, child domestic labour and child marriages. We help communities plan their escape. We prevent others from taking their place in slavery.

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Our Approach to Freedom

(1) Right Based Rescue and Rehabilitation

Creating awareness: that slavery can be defeated and men and women are born to be free – Educating the target groups about their universal human rights, and the special rights flow from Indian Constitution, and explain them how others in similar circumstances overcame slavery.

Community Vigilance: The existing SHGs along with men in partnership is formed into Community Vigilance Groups at ground level to monitor activities, missing, etc. NCT strategically organizes and motivates each target community affected by modern slavery. The already well established SHGs/ Women Micro-credit groups in villages play the crucial role along with men in partnership determining how to break the chains of slavery. The groups make sure Police rescue those who cannot rescue themselves and help people walk free.
The second active vigilance groups are formed by students in our target areas. These groups are formed at the school, colleges and universities level concentrating the villages nearby affected by modern forms of slavery. The student groups have apex bodies guided by an NCT staff for effective monitoring.

Freedom Path: Prevention is much important as much as Rescuing the victims. Rescued children are provided crash courses/remedial classes and are prepared for mainstream schooling, while parents and youth are trained in employable skill training such as crafts, vocational skills. The school dropped out adolescents are trained further by crash courses matching their age and grade and are enrolled in mainstream schools.

Legal and Survivor support Mechanism: Legal support to the rescued victims become highly necessary and therefore a team of legal attorneys with a specialization in Human rights and Indian Slavery Acts are here to help. This team helps rescued survivors to get the government certificate as crime victims which will enable them to a range of government benefits such as employments and supportive schemes.

Surveillance and Information Sharing Mechanism: Cross border human trafficking as well as in-land human trafficking thrive primarily for lack of information sharing as well effective Surveillance system in place. Therefore, NCT plans to have such coordinated information sharing system in future. This could be developing an APP for mobile phones which will become an effective tool in the hands of general public to share information. This means, each one will become a ‘Surveillant and whistle blower’ to effectively stop modern slavery in any form.

Coordinate with Government and CSOs with proper data sharing: With the help of the Mobile APP surveillance, the data is coordinated between government agencies across and within the borders and with CSOs for effective monitoring and eradicating human trafficking in persons.

Strengthen Regional Advocacy: A coordinated effort by all the regional CSOs for a strong regional coalition of CSOs which includes, smaller, grassroots organisations who are much aware of the realities at the grassroots level.

(2) Providing Skills based training:

NewBeginnings trains the rescued labourers, adolescents and women in employable skills training making sure they are able to earn and start a new life. The children are provided remedial classes and prepared for mainstream schooling with  the help of NCLP.

Rehabilitation with a skill training is highly important in order to avoid the poor families to fall back once again by way of getting loan for survival.

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