Who we are

NewBeginnings the Alternative for Hope!!!


NCT is a developmental organisation working at the grassroots level to create and transform into a better and collaborative society for everyone to live in. NCT works for the empowerment of children, women and youth with a special focus on girl children and disabled youth.

We work to end poverty and hunger especially at the rural areas - 68% of the country’s total population live in Rural India. Poverty the source of social evils brings with it Child Labour, Child Trafficking, illiteracy, rights abuses and hunger. The precious childhood is sold out at many instances for want of money.


We tackle poverty and hunger by empowering unskilled and unemployed youth with employable skills training, creating employment opportunities for rural women helping them to away from starvation; with additional / permanent income resource, families ensure education of their children. We make sure, every participating family should educate their children.  Empowering the next generation with skills to earn and live. We focus our energy at the rural and urban slums creating the younger generation become productive sources of India.


Empowering women with skills and make them earning members of the society – not depending on others for every single need. We know for sure, when a woman becomes an earning member,she slowly and steadily builds her self-respect, dignity and NCT nurtures her to become an empowered and right based woman.

NCT strives for equal justice, Gender Equality and fundamental human rights for men, women and children in collaboration with every socially conscious individual. Thus, we contribute to achieve for UN Sustainable Development Goals.


We are not just looking for Sustainable Impact in our project areas. We are a step ahead! Yes! NCT looks for Sustainable Chain Impact (SCI).

Join us today! Share your time and skills, volunteer with us! Join your hands with us and help us carry forward our activities with your kind support. Every donation you make creates a lasting impact on the lives a child or a home or a community. Whichever you way you want to help us, write to us. We are here to listen to.


With You……. Together for a Better World !!!