Special to NCT

We move with a purpose of change, a sustainable change for good making a better world. Every project and every activity that NCT involves in is towards achieving this single minded goal. This is our lifeline. We know for sure that we can only achieve our goals in collaboration with people like you in the society. We need your supportive hands to go ahead and in partnership with you, we aim at achieving, “Together, for a Better World”.


Though there are many projects that we implement in realizing our goal, there is something special to us. Education of girl children. With education, we know for sure, the girl children of next generation will have their dignity, respect and honour in the society. With education and earning capacity, independence of life grows. When a woman starts earning, her dignity and self-esteem grow and her outlook of the world changes. She finds a new and flourishing world around her. A self-confident woman keeps her head up and is ready for challenges. This is possible with education and economic empowerment.


What is special to us? Education of girl children and economic empowerment of women.

Our long term commitment to the society is, ‘get rid of’ selling girl children to overcome poverty. NCT wants to show the poor families, there is always a way possible to challenge poverty, but surely not selling girl children.


In order to give top priority in all our common programmes, we make sure, 65% of the beneficiaries are women/girls. To make them economically independent which gives a greater say for women in their homes, we train them employable vocational skills training, form them into micro credit groups.

NCT Special Educational Support Programmes

1. NCT MANJARI (means, Blossom): Educational support to children of parents who died of HIV/AIDS, Accidents and other diseases; and general orphan and semi-orphan children. More than 65% of the children are girls – a Policy to follow.

This is a special Educational Support primarily to children whose parents died of HIV/AIDS. This support is provided to children who have lost any single parent due to HIV/AIDS. Added to this, the project also supports children who are orphan or semi-orphan on various reasons.

The Southern States, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Telangana and Karnataka alone contributes to 50% of HIV AIDS patients in India as on May 2014. It is due to the vast high ways available in these states and large movements of heavy commercial transports/trucks along the ways. An estimated 36% of sex worker clients are truckers.

2. NCT AAMODINI (means Fragrant): Special Educational support to girl children from the rural and urban slum communities

The number of primary age children not in schools in India is as high as 8 million. Of the out of school children, 48% were girls from rural India.
This is a special educational support to girl children from rural and urban slums communities in Krishna district and Vijayawada urban slums.

3. NCT TANYA (means, Of the family): A general Educational /sponsorship support programme for poor children from rural and urban communities.