Share Your Smile With a Child

NewBeginnings Charitable Trust (NCT) is a registered non-profit organisation from India working with a vision to bring about a 'Better World'. NCT primarily focuses on communities that are economically and socially remain marginalized irrespective of caste, religion, race etc.

We at NCT strongly believe that education (both formal and non-formal) and economic freedom will help communities to rise above their marginalized living. Economic growth coupled with education will create strong developmental impact on the society. NCT works collaborating with committed and proven ngo's as our partners in order to maximize the impact of the project activities.

Spreading smiles across communities especially among the children, adolescent girls and women, youth, disabled from poor and marginalised communities.
  1. Share your smile with a child who wants to study;
  2. Your sharing can stop a child becoming dropouts.
  3. Sharing your smile with a child can stop a child become a child labourer;
  4. Sharing a smile with a child will stop her becoming child bride;
  5. Sharing a smile with a girl child can stop her becoming trafficked for sexual violence;
  6. Sharing a smile with a child can effectively stop a child becoming a domestic violence;
  7. Share your Smile to promote better sanitary and hygienic living style in a rural /slum community
  1. Share your smile and help a community have community bathrooms;
  2. Share your smile with a disabled youth, he/she will learn income generating skills to change his/her life.
  3. Sharing a smile with a rural community can give primary health care.
  4. Sharing a smile will help rural youth to be trained in income generating activities.
  5. Sharing a smile with a community can help them learn skills training and stop their migration.
  6. Your smile with a community can help young mothers access to better health care and healthy children;
  7. Your smile can help a community to revive its destroyed forests;
  8. Your sharing a smile will help children have a better life care and schooling.
Yes, your smile can do real miracle. Share your smile, We assure you, your smile will bring about many more smiles.