Our Work

Ensure Lasting Change

Eradication of poverty and economic and social empowerment are at the centre of our interventions.

Making every beneficiary become benefactor to another needy in their own communities, we bring about sustainable Change to people vulnerable to poverty & hunger, violence and inequalities.

We work among the poor and the marginalized communities in Andhra Pradesh. We identify ourselves with the socially and economically least; with women, girls, children and the youth.

Early Childhood Edn centre- Kantheru

Where we work

We are located in Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh.

Our primary target areas are Andhra Pradesh and Telangana – the two Telugu speaking Southern states in India. We network with 11 NGOs from different parts of South India.

Women Empowerment

Social Work students from Uni

Research shows a direct correlation between the empowerment of women in a society and economic progress.

Communities where women are educated, engaged in employment and given the opportunity to actively participate on the basis of equal rights develop more quickly and in a more sustainable way.

The education and empowerment of women is a key focus for NCT. Outcomes we have helped to achieve through our education programmes include greater economic independence, improvements in health and protection from domestic violence & human trafficking.


Educate Girl Children

Yiota with a slum child

This project ensures, every child is guided and supported to grow mentally, physically and emotionally becoming matured, creative and confident child and for later.

Sponsorship support is one of the earliest intervention NCT began in order to make sure the continuous education of children from economically marginalised communities.

NCT primarily supports children of sex workers, orphan, semi orphans, daily wage labourers such as rickshaw pullers, roadside vegetable vendors, luggage coolies at bus station, railways, market yards, and economically poor families.


Youth Skill Training

skill the youth_sqr

India is a country of youth. Its population is having the largest youth population in the world. Our primary target youth groups are those unskilled, and unemployable rural youth.

NCT believes in the importance of investing in youth to create lasting positive change.

By targeting those often overlooked—the unskilled and illiterate—and endowing them with the necessary tools to become employable.h and protection from domestic violence & human trafficking.