Our Approach

No Charity, Pay it Forward.

Beneficiaries participation – Involvement in the process of identifying needs, exploring solutions, making decisions and planning activities. Every beneficiary community has the right to know the kind of impact with which they would be impacted with.

We know that no number of projects and no number of organisation can solve the systemic chronic poverty and hunger. Our approach involves ‘Pay it Forward’ – A sustainable Chain Impact. We are convinced;

  • Unless communities become altruistic and sharing, marginalised groups are here to exist
  • Unless women are economically empowered, poverty and hunger is here to exist
  • Unless every sponsored child sponsors another poor child when he/she is able to earn, illiterates and unskilled are here to exist
  • Unless every skill trained youth, women and men train another beneficiary in their neighbourhood, family hunger and community poverty are here to stay

Freely Given Freely Pay it Forward

We are focused not on short-term fixes but on creating long-term sustainable solutions which will benefit the community in the future. T

his concept of the ‘Sustainable Chain Impact’ (SCI) whereby the beneficiary of a project should become a benefactor to her/his own neighbour is at the heart of our work.

As a grassroots organisation, all our projects have their foundation in the community where we work in. We believe this ‘community-centric’ approach is the only way of ensuring that the projects are truly successful and that the resulting benefits are both long-term and sustainable.

Local people are empowered to take ownership of the projects in their communities, giving them a stake in the outcomes and encouraging an ongoing embedded commitment to development.

For further details on the two key focus areas for our work please see below:

Education of the young

Empowerment of women