7 Years have passed. Changing lives for good!

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NCT transforms donors gift into life changing programs.

  • With you, we fight hunger and poverty; with you, we fight gender violence.
  • With you, we enforce women empowerment; with you, we educate poor marginalized children.
  • With you, we provide skills training to unskilled and unemployable youth.
  • With you, we fight for Human Rights.
  • With you, we care for health and marginalized rural communities; And

With us, you walk towards a better world!

  • 247 tribal women were trained in alternative income generation programmes. The otherwise semi-nomadic community became settled communities.
  • 347 women from Dalit (Socially the lowest caste) communities are trained in livelihood programmes
  • With 3 Early Childhood Training centres, 131 young children are trained in quality education and prepared for primary level.
  • Unskilled and school dropouts youth from 7 villages have been trained in Skills such as Boat Mechanism, Bike Mechanism, House Wiring, Mobile repairs and serving, horticulture, organic cultivation
  • 26 children from very poor and slum communities are supported with Education.
  • 11 NGOs have been continuously supported with national and international volunteers on a long/short term basis
  • 143 children from fishing communities are provided mid-day meals and supplementary nutrition
  • 64 sensitization workshops on Gender Based violence conducted in 19 villages with the help of local women groups
  • 348 adolescent girls from 7 remote villages were trained in Menstrual Hygiene practices.

Case Study #1– Educate Her

Education of girl children is a priority to NewBeginnings. Education is a sure way to achieve gender equality and help woman stand for their rights. Education helps women to come out of this patriarchal society and feel the presence of freedom. Education also makes woman become economically independent.

Sujatha. B , studying 10th grade/class, is from a very poor family hailing from Ranigarithotta, Vijayawada. Her father is a daily wage worker and her mother is a house wife. Sujatha has three other siblings who also need regular sponsor.

Seeing the plight of the poor in the nearby slums, she has a strong desire to become a doctor and serve the poor communities. Her determination has been a model to other girls in this poor community.

NewBeginnings has been supporting in her studies. However, she looks for support to start her higher studies.

There are 21 other children who are being supported by NCT education programme.

HELP US € 10 per month, we will educate a child in your name.

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Primary Health Care staff
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Case Study #2 – Yanadi – A nomadic tribal community

Problem Statement: The Yanadi are one of the semi-nomadic communities found in Andhra Pradesh, with a large number being located in the Prakasam district. Semi-nomadic people are one of the poorest sections in society, whose non-traditional way of life often means they are disenfranchised from basic services such as healthcare and education.

What We did: NCT provided functional literacy classes for the children below 16 years and vocational skills training such as maggam embroidery, tailoring & machine embroidery for those over 18. NCT also conducted periodic primary healthcare checks focused in particular on young mothers, children and unmarried adolescent girls.

What we achieved: 146 people were given vocational training, of whom 47 received job placements and a further seven set up businesses of their own. NCT supported them in establishing a network of market contacts in neighbouring towns.