Empowering Women

Research shows a direct correlation between the empowerment of women in a society and economic progress. Communities where women are educated, engaged in employment and given the opportunity to actively participate on the basis of equal rights develop more quickly and in a more sustainable way.

The education and empowerment of women is a key focus for NCT. Outcomes we have helped to achieve through our education programmes include greater economic independence, improvements in health and protection from domestic violence & human trafficking.

Specific projects we are supporting in this space include the following:

  • Vocational training on saree design & tailoring
  • Workshops on administrative & management skills and functional literacy
  • Awareness programmes on domestic violence, child labour, human trafficking and reproductive/sexual rights in general
  • Healthcare education, with a specific focus on menstrual hygiene

Please see the case study at the below link for an example of the work we are doing in this space.

Enabling women to become powerful agents of change within their communities is of intrinsic importance to our mission. Gender equality is a basic human right, and it is an essential component in shaping the destinies of women, as well as in advancing sustainable development in India. Our ambition is to further enhance the capacity of communities by integrating women’s empowerment into development processes.

Educating girls and women has a direct and powerful impact on the economy by fueling growth and sustainable development. Improved female education generates higher levels of economic growth as women invest 90% of their income back into their own families, as opposed to men, who merely invest 30%-40% of their earned income. This is only one example of the positive effects of women’s empowerment.

NCT works for gender equality, girl’s education, menstrual hygiene management, economic independence and eradication of human trafficking. We organize workshops for SHGs/Micro Credit Organizations on administrative and management skills. As part of economic empowerment programs, we also provide courses in functional literacy, designing and tailoring. Likewise, we continuously operate grassroots workshops and conduct quarterly capacity building workshops for SHGs formed by women from rural and urban slum communities. In addition, we closely collaborate with local women’s groups to forcefully combat abusive practices such as domestic violence, child labor, human trafficking and sexual violence.

Given to India’s multi-cultured society, women empowerment is tied to its complex nature of caste, religion, race and etc. Therefore, while we aim at sustained support implementing ‘best practices’, we are open to experimenting new thoughts.


In order to achieve gender equality, the Board has decided unanimously during our 6th Annual General Body Meeting in 2014 that “henceforth, 50% of the paid staff in NCT should be women; and of the total beneficiaries of the organisation, 60% of them should be girls and women”. NCT’s Board constitutes of two men and three women right from its inception in 2009.


We know for sure, when women take control over their lives, when women start sustainable earning, they can be catalyst for positive change in their own communities.