Educate Her 2

Equal access to education equips young girls with the tools needed to thrive, ensuring economic opportunity and social progress through increased independence.

To bring about qualitative sustainable development changes in the life of a child, our education programmes concentrate on early childhood education and primary level. As the child grows into an adult, it impacts the child’s growth become productive and creative adult, families, communities and society at large.

This project ensures, every child is guided and supported to grow mentally, physically and emotionally becoming matured, creative and confident child and for later.

Sponsorship support is one of the earliest intervention NCT began in order to make sure the continuous education of children from economically marginalised communities.

NCT primarily supports children of sex workers, orphans/semi orphans, daily wage labourers such as rickshaw pullers, roadside vegetable vendors, luggage coolies at bus station / railways/ market yards, and economically poor families

  • Educate her – she knows how to fight for her rights
  • Educate her – she knows what is good for her life
  • Educate her – she decides the best for her children
  • Educate her – she knows how to build a healthy family and the community.

Educate a child. You educate a generation; Your good support makes sure, a poverty free, gender equal society.

Comes request for participation from others – Just $ 10 per month to educate a girl child