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As a registered Indian NGO, we take our obligations and commitment very seriously. We believe strongly in the principle of transparency and accountability and  provide our donors with full details of how and where their kind donations have been used.

As an Indian NGO, we are fully compliant with all relevant statutory obligations (Registration as per Indian Trust Act, FCRA (registered to receive foreign contributions) and 12A – Tax exempted) and file annual accounts & reports as required under the associated legislation.

Because we are accountable to the public donation and grant, as a responsible Indian NGO, We have a robust set of internal processes (check our resource section and code of ethics) and monitoring to ensure that funds are being used in accordance with our vision and are aligned with the outcomes we are trying to achieve.

Our Approach

1. on the landing page - Participatory approach
Beneficiaries participation – Involvement in the process of identifying needs, exploring solutions, making decisions and planning activities.
Every beneficiary community has the right to know the kind of impact with which they would be impacted.
Being a registered Indian NGO, We are focused not on short-term fixes but on creating long-term sustainable solutions, which will benefit the community in the future.
This concept of the ‘Sustainable Chain Impact’ (SCI) whereby the beneficiary of a project should become a benefactor to her/his own neighbour is at the heart of our work.

Our Team

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